Quality Assurance & Testing

Fledge is known for its rigorous testing of products and solutions – constantly challenging assumptions and pushing boundaries in order to irrefutably validate their performance. Our professionals are involved in every step of the quality assurance process, from creating new test approaches and improving existing procedures, to performing software-level debugging.  

We take ownership for the deep analysis of products, as well as spearhead ongoing improvements to make sure that your business is always on the cutting edge of the industry. To this end, we vastly reduce time-to-market for your fit-for-purpose products and solutions. We guarantee high-quality outcomes regardless of whether your company delivers them in agile or waterfall methodologies.  

We include a full range of testing services that encompass test consulting, management, design and execution. We:


Define plans that include quality/release criteria and targets


Perform functional testing


Assume a testing oversight role from the perspective of the user


Train and guide business users and stakeholders in order to enable user acceptance testing

Our full range of testing services include:

Advisory & Transformation

  • Test Advisory & Transformation Service

Quality Engineering

  • Agile Testing
  • DevOps Testing

Digital and Data Assurance

  • Data Migration Testing
  • Digital Assurance and Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Web Application Testing

Quality Assurance

  • Compatibility & Preformation
  • Cross-platform Testing
  • Functionality Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Usability and End User Testing
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