Project Management

We successfully and effectively manage complex projects in continuously-evolving environments, providing end-to-end project governance. Our team of professionals are on hand to guide, manage and support your projects from start to finish. Experienced Fledge project managers are able to adapt between both agile and waterfall methodologies, delivering quality solutions and products straight to the client.

Our versatile leadership capabilities successfully guide, manage, and support projects that result in tangible, sustainable change.

We provide our customers with the certified, experienced project management experts needed to achieve specific outcomes. Your risk management, time scheduling, budgeting, procurement, and resource allocations are all effectively and skillfully managed.

With our comprehensive project governance, we assist our clients through the application of tried and tested methodologies and working tools, across all project phases.

Project controlling, reporting and documentation allows us to ensure that project objectives are fully monitored, recorded and documented – so that developments and traceable and auditable. Our recording and reporting procedure is completely transparent.

At Fledge, we know that project requirements change constantly and often without warning. As an early adopter of agile project management principles, we are able to swiftly respond to change and produce results that are guaranteed to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our skilled agile consultants are on-hand to help our clients focus on value-driven delivery, and provide step-by-step guidance to agile teams in order to make certain that results are supplied as early in the project as possible.

With an emphasis on this value-driven approach, we ensure that product features with priority business value are created first – while using on-going, real-time data to successfully manage the project’s scope, time-frame and budget. In the spirit of the agile methodology, we aspire to continuously evolve our delivery practice based on best principles and and real-world experience. We recognize that one size does not fit all and, as such, we tailor our approach to every individual client engagement in order to ensure a successful outcome.

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