How We Work

Our Involvement

Because we know that each and every one of our clients is unique and has their own specific needs, we offer different levels of engagement across business models.

Advice through execution:

Provide Recommendations

After making an assessment, Fledge professionals will brainstorm innovative, actionable solutions and potential implementation strategies to combat any perceived weaknesses in your business’ performance. We then advise you on the best course of action to take. Execution of these strategies is optional, based strongly on the needs and wants of the client.

Assess Client's Needs

Our expert analysts bring a fresh outside perspective to your business operations, identifying any flaws or weak points whilst keeping your specific needs in mind.

Conduct Assessments & Measure Results

We then measure the results of the solution execution and provide after-implementation support, to ensure that the tactics in place continue to strengthen your business. We maintain these strategies in partnership with your operational staff.

Engagement Options

Fledge Business Solutions provides differing levels of engagement depending on our clients’ requirements. From a single consultant to an entire team of professionals, we have the capacity to fulfil any client need.

Project/Team Leadership

A Fledge professional assumes the position of team leader and heads the execution of your project, ensuring a smooth transition in change of operations.

Project Execution/Support

Once your business solutions have been implemented, you may require some professional execution on an operational level. Fledge supplies this operational support in the form of additional team members to supplement your existing workforce.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our expert consultants have vast amounts of knowledge in a wide range of business and tech-related fields, and are always on hand to give their expertise whenever a client may require it.

Full Project Delivery

This level of engagement is similar to our project execution/support, with the difference being that our experienced team ensures the completion and success of your project, from inception through to completion (and beyond).

Delivery Methodology

At Fledge Business Solutions, we prefer to use the agile process model in order to provide an iterative, team-based approach to our project management services. The flexibility of an agile model allows our team to successfully navigate loosely-defined or changing requirements and, through a close partnership with our clients, gives us greater insights into their specific project needs.

However, we do have an immense appreciation for the principle that one size does not fit all – and if a more structured waterfall process model is what fits your business best, then we will make that system as efficient and successful as possible in order to deliver the best feasible solution for our customer requirements.

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