About Us

Since its inception in 2011, we at Fledge Business Solutions have committed to continually improving our professional consulting services.

We have remained determined to create innovative solutions with great impact to both our customers and community. Our combined skills and wealth of knowledge let us successfully marry business and technology – enabling us to optimize your business processes, drive improved performance, and deliver lasting and sustainable business solutions.

With our unique client-centric approach, our consultants invest a great amount of time to understand your needs – carefully analysing your current position as a company and discerning the best way to get you to where you want to be in future. We partner closely with your business to find a way to best leverage your key opportunities, manage critical risk, and deliver the best business value.

Our Mission

We aspire to inspire. We want to motivate our teams to create the best innovative solutions, ones that deliver the greatest impact to our customers and the broader community. Change is key, and we are in the constant pursuit of being agents of that change. Our mission is to exceed every expectation in the field of professional business services.

Our Vision

As the most recognised and and valued professional services provider in both South Africa and the broader African context, we work tirelessly to to deliver high-quality projects that are mutually successful to both our customers and our own business. In addition, we have the financial strength to support our aspirational business objectives.

Our Values

At Fledge Business Solutions, we are committed to:

Doing the right thing

We act with integrity, honesty, and openness. We do what is right - not what is easy.

Looking for a better way

We continually strive to find new and better ways to achieve both our goals and those of our clients, embracing change as a driver for progress.

Creating together

We wholeheartedly encourage collaboration, and the sharing of experiences, knowledge, and resources.

Being delivery-focused

As a company, we aim to delight and surpass client expectations with every project we deliver.

Providing excellence

We aspire to constantly improve our knowledge, ourselves, our teams, our services, and our products. We aim to be the best at what we do.

Spreading our passion

At Fledge, we pride ourselves on our explosive drive and contagious energy to succeed in everything we do.

Our Quality Policy

We are always committed to continually improving our professional consulting services.
At Fledge Business Solutions, we:

Instil a culture of quality within our talented professionals, enabling us to deliver a level of service that far exceeds the expectations of our clients - thereby building long-lasting, sustainable relationships.

Hire talent with a verifiable and demonstrated industry knowledge, as well as a high skill level in their area of expertise. We recognize that our people are our main drivers of growth - without whom it would be impossible to guarantee our high quality of service to our customers.

Support high reward performance.

Have created an environment where the growth and development of our employees is actively nurtured, encouraged and supported.

Inspire collaboration as well as the sharing of experiences, knowledge, and resources. This shared information is what enables us to develop new, innovative insights and knowledge.

Measure our progress against meaningful, real-world targets.