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Business Process Improvement Services

The success of an organization hinges upon effective business processes, which are an organisation’s strategic assets. We believe processes must be understood, managed and constantly improved to continuously deliver value and efficient services.

As operational efficiencies come under increasing scrutiny, businesses often jump to organisational restructures and technology implementations with little focus on how underlying business processes can be streamlined to best support the business’ strategy and operations.

Business Process Improvement addresses this issue.

Our business process management discipline focuses on helping orgnisations improve corporate performance by streamlining processes, improving access to information and eliminating process waste.

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Our Approach:

  • Design: We conduct analysis of existing processes to identify problems and opportunities. The output of the analysis is used to produce a process theoretical design.
  • Modeling: Derive scenarios that aid process improvement and modelling based on the developed theoretical design, and industry best practices.
  • Execution: Answer the question: “What technology or human resources can be applied to execute the business process efficiently?”
  • Monitoring: Once implemented, monitor the process to derive statistics to facilitate Process Optimisation.
  • Optimising: Identify potential bottlenecks or opportunities for cost savings or improvements based on the information derived during the monitoring stage to enhance processes.
  • Reengineering: Achieve efficiency and productivity on an existing process if optmisation is not delivering the desired business value.

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